Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Festive Cupcakes!

We've been making A LOT of cupcakes lately!! Which is fine with us since there's usually extras for us to snack on afterwards... ;)

First up was an order for some Christmas themed cupcakes for an annual Christmas party. We decided to do red velvet cupcakes with our delicious cream cheese icing. To go with the Christmas theme, we added a festive red stripe to the icing and topped them all off with some holly leaves and berries. We were thrilled with the way they turned out and can't wait to use this striped decorating technique on other themes throughout the year!

Next up were some 50th birthday cupcakes. These were our famous carrot cake recipe with cream cheese icing and we decided on a gold theme to go with the holiday season! We made some gold ball lined stars with '50' on them, and finished off the decorations with some different sized gold dragees on top of the icing. We also made some mini cupcakes for a quick little bite :) We think they turned out glamorous and elegant and perfectly fitting for a 50th birthday bash!

Stay tuned for some upcoming Christmas cookies and cakes!

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Monday, 10 December 2012

Cake Catch Up!

It's cake time! Last post we shared the cookies that we've worked on the past few months, now it's time for lots and lots of cakes! We've definitely been keeping busy with all kinds pretty, funny, cute and of course, yummy cakes! Here's a sample of some of the projects we've been working on...

First up, a colourful cupcake tower and elegant mini cake, complete with some adorable penguins! This was for a fall wedding and we loved all of the fun colours and flavours that went into this display.

Next up was another fall wedding cake. For this cake, the bride decided to go in a different direction and chose a slab cake for her reception. This was a delicious carrot cake covered in cream cheese icing, a beautiful quote and some festive autumn edible leaves. Definitely a great alternative to the traditional tiered cake!

As the wedding season winded down, the birthday season picked up! We had SO much fun coming up with ideas for these playful cakes. Many hours were spent building all of the fun details on all of the cakes, mostly because we kept coming up with more and more things we wanted to put on top! Here's a few of our themed birthday cakes that have kept us so busy the last few months!

First up, a super cute camouflage themed first birthday cake.

Next, a Gotham City inspired Batman cake!

This was a fun one. A beer keg and soccer ball cake!

And finally, an 80's themed cake! We had so much fun coming up with ideas for this one!

Stay tuned for a festive Christmas post coming up, full of cupcakes, cookies and of course...cakes!

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Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Time to Play Catch Up!! Time for Some Cookies!

It's been a busy few months! So busy that we've REALLY been slacking on our blog! We have lots to update but we'll try not to pack it all into one post :)

Today we think we'll start with cookies! We've had lots of cookie orders the last few weeks and had so much fun baking and icing all kinds of super cute sugar cookies.

First up were some pretty teal and white cookies. These were a donation for a silent auction and because we had some leftover dough, we made some wintery mittens and Christmas ornaments as well!

Next up were some baby shower cookies. We LOVED these adorable little guys! We made some cute little monkeys and some cozy little onesies. Then we packaged them all up and they were ready to go! Super cute for baby shower favours!

And last but not least were some bridal party cookies! These were made to give out to the bride's friends and family, to ask them to be in her wedding party! We thought this was a super cute and original way to ask the big question, and we loved how the dresses turned out. There was even a blue bow-tied dress for the soon to be bridesman ;)

That seems like lots for this post :). We'll be back soon with an update on all of the fun cakes that we've been creating!

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Sunday, 23 September 2012

Beaches and Bagpipes!

We had SO much fun with our two cakes this weekend! As we've mentioned, we looove making themed cakes, so we were in heaven with our projects the past few days! Both cakes below were lemon cakes with one layer of lemon curd and one layer of lemon buttercream. Think lemon meringue pie in cake form! Yum!!

First up was a beach themed cake. The lucky recipients were being surprised with a big trip to celebrate their anniversary! So what better way to announce the generous gift then with a cake full of edible seashells, sandcastles, a lighthouse and some yummy sand! The whole cake is totally edible and we're in love with the pretty summery colour scheme! The sign on the front of the cake is a replica of the town's welcome sign. We hope the happy couple enjoys their cake, and their big trip!

The front!
And the back of the cake!
Next up was a retirement cake! Since this cake was for the patriarch of our Sugarbird family, we were pretty prepared for what he would enjoy during his retirement years! We started with a suitcase to celebrate his love of travel and to celebrate an upcoming trip. Next we added a camera to go with his love of photography and a set of bagpipes as he's become quite the piper in the past few years! And of course, we had to add the 'Honey Do' list. Which somehow has ended up in an edible garbage can ;). The camera and bagpipes are both made out of rice krispie treats and all of the other little details were made out of fondant/gumpaste. We were SO happy with the finished product, and even though it took a bit of convincing for him to cut into it, we're happy to say it tasted delicious as well! :)
The Honey Do List! :P
And finally, because we got busy last weekend and couldn't update our blog, here's our cakes from a few days ago! :)

First, a fun 60th birthday cake! This was a vanilla cake with chocolate buttercream!
And last but not least, a small wedding cake with some pretty gumpaste flowers on top and an elegant damask style stencil design :). For this one the couple went with a carrot cake with cream cheese icing.
Until next week! :). Thanks for dropping by!

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Sunday, 9 September 2012

Themed Cakes!

We LOVE making themed cakes! Any excuse to be able to make fun little characters/decorations/creatures works for us. And we'll be the first to admit, sometimes it's too easy to get carried away making item after item to go on the cakes! There's just so many ideas that come out once we start creating things to go with the theme! This week there were two themed cakes on the books. One was a super fun handy-man/bicycle themed birthday cake, and the second was an outdoorsy/fishing retirement cake.

First up was the birthday cake. We were told that the birthday boy was a handyman who loved cycling.  So many directions to go in! We decided on a workbench shaped cake, complete with all the tools one would need to work on, what else, a bicycle! And of course, what workshop would be complete without a gumpaste box of band-aids!

Next up was the retirement cake! We were told that the lucky retiree enjoyed the outdoors, nature and fishing. Luckily so do we! We took inspiration from numerous camping trips in the past and created some super cute trees, rocks, a fire pit, a tent, a pond, a fishing pole and of course, a happy little fish! This cake was done without fondant, so it's just covered in lots and lots of delicious cream cheese icing! Underneath is, of course, red velvet cake!

Finally, just to show a few more examples of different themes, here are a couple of cakes we made a few months ago. One for a Memory Clinic doctor's retirement party, and another for a hospital's Pharmacy Awareness week :)

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Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Busy, Busy, Busy!!

I think the title sums up our weekend pretty well! lol. It was another double wedding weekend in the Sugarbird kitchen, which meant a few late nights but some very rewarding final products!!

First up was classic 3-tiered wedding cake. This bride went a unique route however and decided to go with a pretty pink and elegant black colour palette. A pink wedding cake was a first for us but we LOVED how it turned out! After creating the bridal shower cake in the same style a couple of months ago, the bride loved it so much that she asked us to do her wedding cake using the same inspiration. We've include the bridal shower cake pic again to see how one style and colour scheme can inspire two different cakes :)

First, the wedding cake!

Next, the bridal shower cake we created that inspired the above design :)

Then it was time for another wedding! This time the bride went the cupcake route and decided on red velvet with cream cheese icing, and banana with chocolate icing. We also created a mini cake for the top of the cupcake tower with a huge purple flower in full bloom. Pics of the display all put together on are on the way! But in the meantime, here are some of the delicious cupcakes with their yummy swirls of frosting.

First is red velvet...

And the banana :)

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Sunday, 19 August 2012

Weddings and Birthdays!

Another busy August weekend at Sugarbird! First up, a 3-tiered flowery summer wedding cake. This bride chose three different flavours for her cake. The bottom tier was our classic vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream. Perfect for a warm summer day! The middle tier was our super popular red velvet cake with cream cheese icing. And the top tier (a special choice chosen just for the bride's father) was yummy chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream.

After we got all three tiers baked, frosted and covered in a white fondant, it was on to the flowers :). For this cake the bride chose a royal blue and a baby blue for her colours. We made gerber daisies in several different sizes ready to go on the cake. Just like with all of our cakes, we sit and stare at the cake, trying out different placements for the flowers, moving things around, staring some more until we finally find a design we like, lol. We loved the finished product however! And after a bit of a stressful Saturday afternoon cottage-traffic drive to the reception, the cake was set up and ready to go :). Congrats to the happy couple!

Next up was a last minute birthday cake! We decided on our delicious banana cake with cream cheese icing (not to mention one of our personal favourites when we're making cakes for our family and friends ;) ). We didn't have much to go on with this cake. In fact I think we just had "she likes orange and jewelry", lol. Luckily we love being able to put our own personal touches on cakes, so we decided on a peachy coloured cake with some elegant sugar lace, edible jewelry and some shiny rhinestone ribbon. The client was thrilled with the result, and so were we!

Last, but most certainly not least, because we missed updating our blog last week, here are some wedding cupcakes that we created for some close friends. The happy couple chose lemon cupcakes with vanilla buttercream. We also added a delicious limoncello syrup to the cupcakes to make them extra moist and to give an extra kick of lemon flavour.

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Monday, 13 August 2012

Sugar Shoes and Jewelry!

We had a super fun weekend full of all things sugar!! We were lucky enough to take an Edible Shoes and Jewelry course this past weekend at the fantastic specialty cake store, Flour Confections, put on by the amazingly talented Chuck and Wayne from Swank Cake Design. Not only did we come home with some super cute sugar shoes and edible jewelry, but we met some fantastic people and are now full of potential ideas that we want to test out!

First up in the morning was the sugar jewelry. We created several pieces and then let our creativity flow, decorating them with gold, silver, dragees, glitter, etc! Looking at each piece, we can see exactly how we could incorporate them into potential cakes. We LOVED the way they turned out!

Next up was the sugar shoes!! We learned how to create stunning black and silver stilettos that are not only beautiful, but are also totally life-size! How pretty would these be as part of a shoebox cake! Again, the creativity has already started flowing and we can't wait to try out the endless other possible shoe designs that we can make! From closed toe, wrap around, strappy, and the classic peep toe, we're going to have TONS of fun with these... :). We're guessing we're not going to be the only ones wishing we could wear these out on the town!

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Sunday, 29 July 2012

Classic and Elegant :)

It's been a very busy summer at Sugarbird! As we start into August and the start of another busy wedding month, we thought we'd share a few more of our past wedding cakes that we loved.

First up was a beautiful white and gold wedding cake with a pair of sentimental gold bells for the wedding couple. This was one of our favourite cakes to make and we love the simple elegance of the finished product :)

Next up is a classic black and white, 4-tiered cake that we made for an old hollywood-themed wedding. Sometimes simpler really is better for certain themes and this is a great example of how minimal decorations can still create a gorgeous wedding cake!

And finally, because summer was such a big baby shower season as well, here's an example of just one of the many baby shower cakes we created :). And not just one baby, but twins! We've also included some adorable little onesie cookies that we created for a baby announcement :). What better way to announce a new baby than with baked goods!

We've had a good holiday the past few weeks, but we're definitely excited to get back into the kitchen and get ready for a wedding-filled August!!

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