Saturday, 13 July 2013

Little Bit of Everything!

So it looks like we've been slacking with our blog posts again! We must be into the busy wedding and party season :). We've had a VERY busy few weeks with some super fun (and delicious) results! First, we'll start with all of the fun party cakes that we've been making recently.

First up, Bubble Guppies! Now we have to admit, before this order, we had absolutely no clue who or what the Bubble Guppies were. Luckily after doing some research, we were excited to find out that they were super cute ocean characters. We couldn't wait to get started making all of the fun characters and decorations to go with this theme! For this party we made Bubble Guppies cake pops, cupcakes and of course, a cake! We made this lucky two-year old's first birthday cake a year ago and couldn't believe that it had been a year already! We hope she liked her special birthday treats and can't wait for her third birthday! :)

Next up was a retirement cake for a local fireman. Anyone who's seen our past cakes knows how much we love doing cakes shaped like trucks, and this was no exception! We try to make all of our cakes different. So even though we've done several fire truck cakes in the past, we're constantly switching up the design of the truck to make every one unique :). Enjoy your retirement Jim!

Keeping with the theme of transportation, our next cake was a GO train cake! For all of you fellow Torontonians, you'll know exactly what we're talking about. For everyone else, think commuter train :). This cake was for a lucky guy who just recently became a licensed train operator. This design was a first for us but we loved how it turned out! Congratulations Brad!

Next up, baby shower cookies! We've made these onesie cookies several times now, but we always come up with new colours, patterns, designs and decorations to make them 'new'. These are quickly becoming a favourite amongst our clients and we love making them!

Our second last cake was a 50th birthday cake for a fitness buff! You all know how much we love theme cakes, so we had a ton of fun thinking of all of the different things you would find in a gym and recreating them in gumpaste. From dumbbells to medicine balls, water bottles to treadmills, we think we captured the fitness theme pretty good! :). Happy Birthday Sam!

And last but most definitely not least, we finished off with a wedding cake! We LOVED how this cake turned out. It's classic and simple and perfect for a summertime wedding. We made flowers of different shapes and colours and put them all together on this beautiful 2-tiered cake. The weather was perfect for this wedding and we hope the happy couple had an absolutely perfect day :)

Wow, that was a long one today! Looks like we'll need to keep on top of things this summer! We have several more busy weekends coming up and can't wait to share all of our new creations with everyone :).

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Sunday, 9 June 2013

Beer, Wine, Golf and Ombre!

Talk about a mish-mash title for this post! But that's what our last couple of weeks has been like, a little bit of everything! It's been a crazy few days and we LOVED it! Our most recent cakes are some of our favourites that we've ever made. And we think it's fair to say that wedding and Summer party season has officially started!

Speaking of summer, first up was a cake PERFECT for the sunny, hot, bbqing, party weather. The birthday boy is a huge fan of Corona beer, so when his wife was planning his party, she knew that the cake HAD to incorporate details of his favourite beer. We were allowed to get super creative with this cake so we decided on a fondant covered ice bucket carrot cake, complete with sugar Corona bottles, and lots of adorable edible sugar limes, ice cubes, beer caps and of course, a bottle opener! We were so happy with how this cake turned out and were thrilled that clients loved it as much as we did :)

Next up, we switched gears from wine! We love making wine cakes because we're able to incorporate so many classic details such as grapes, vines, corks, etc. This cake is reminiscent of trips to Italy and France and we hope it brought a big smile to the lucky birthday client's face :)

We started with our yummy vanilla bean cake, filled with fluffy vanilla buttercream and covered this in woodgrain fondant panels.  We then created bunches of sugar grapes, curly cues, leaves, corks and a corkscrew. We loved the colours we chose, which gave the cake a gorgeous vintage feel. Another favourite!

Because the cake above was for a birthday party for twins, there of course needed to be two cakes! For the second cake, we went with a golf theme. We decided on a golf bag design to go with out delicious carrot cake with pecan praline filling and cream cheese icing. And of course, we had to finish the cake off with sugar golf balls and tees! We hope the twins enjoyed their birthdays, and we hope there were some hungry party guests to get through all this cake! :)

And last but definitely not least, was the first of our many summer wedding cakes! The happy bride and groom decided on our delicious vanilla bean cake with a blueberry buttercream icing. Perfect for their blue-coloured winery wedding!

We went with a 4-tiered round cake and covered all of the layers with classic white fondant. Then it was petal time! We made 1000 petals for this cake (!) and then got to work cascading them down the tiers in a gorgeous ombre design. Since this cake was going on a two hour journey to get to the venue, we made sure every petal was as secure as possible! Thanks goodness for royal icing! We finished the cake off with a shimmery pearl sheen which made the whole cake shine. The result was an elegant and dramatic wedding cake that fit in perfectly with the decor. Bring on the rest of the summer weddings, we're ready! :)

We're taking a bit of a break this weekend to recover from a VERY busy few days, but we're looking forward to every single cake that we have coming up and can't wait to share every picture with all of you :)

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Saturday, 18 May 2013

Tinkerbell and Baby Showers!

We've said it before, but we LOVE making treats for children's parties! It's so much fun getting to incorporate our own twist on to the theme of the party. And when that theme is Tinkerbell, we get to bring out the super bright colours, glitter, and of course...magic!

We had so much fun with this first party. It was for a first birthday party. The proud mom chose cupcakes for the occasion which meant we got to come up with all kinds of fun designs! For Tinkerbell we of course had to tie in the mischievous little fairy herself. We also created some sparkly magic wands, dainty little flowers and butterflies, glittery stars and of course, her cute little pom-pommed shoes! We started with our lemon cupcakes and chocolate cupcakes and covered them all in our deliciously sweet vanilla buttercream, tinted in all of Tinkerbell's favourite colours. Then we added on all of our magical little decorations and voila! Tinkerbell cupcakes ready for the birthday girl!

Our next party was a baby shower. The gender was a surprise so the colours for the shower were of course, pink and blue! The family decided on cake pops for the shower favours so we got to work making 3 dozen baby shaped pops. We went with half chocolate and half vanilla. Each cake pop was dipped in white chocolate and then decorated half with pink soothers and adorable little bonnets for the girls, and the other half with blue soothers for the boys! And we finished all of them off with some cute little hair curls :).

Once they were all dry and ready to go, we packaged them up in clear bags and tied them off with some pink and blue ribbon. The perfect little baby shower treat!

And last but definitely not least, another baby shower! We went with our super cute monkey's and onesies again, but this time went with a yellow theme. We also added some adorable designs to the onesies with some polka-dots and stripes to tie in some greens, browns and ivories. We love these cookies and think they make a perfect shower favour!

It was a busy weekend...and we loved it! Check back soon for an upcoming Corona bottle cake, and the start of our MANY wedding cakes!!

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Monday, 15 April 2013

Fun with Themes!

You all know how much we LOVE themed cakes (and cookies, and cupcakes) so the last few weeks have been a blast! From a moustache themed baby shower, to a Croods themed birthday party, our latest four projects have kept us very busy, and we loved it!

First up was a weekend of birthday cakes. The lucky birthday girl was actually having TWO parties and therefore, got two cakes! First, to go with the party plan of viewing the new movie 'The Croods', we created a cake in the spirit of the movie. We started with our yummy chocolate cake with chocolate fudge buttercream, covered it in fondant and then created all of the fun characters from the movie. We then covered the cake in some fondant and rice krispie square caves and finished the cake off with some colourful plants. We hope the Croods, and the birthday girl, loved the cake as much as we did!

For the second birthday cake, the theme was the birthday girl's favourite Disney princess...Belle! We created a skirt made out of lemon cake, covered it in bright yellow fondant and then formed the bodice, head and details. And voila! Belle! We placed her on top of our delicious lemon cake with lemon buttercream and covered it in the same bright yellow fondant. We finished the cake off with the classic red roses from the movie and we were so happy with the way it turned out!

Next up...cupcakes! (It was a busy weekend!). We received a request for baby shower cupcakes, but this wasn't your typical blue or pink baby shower. The theme was moustaches...for a baby boy of course! We LOVED the originality of this idea and it allowed us to have so much fun creating these cupcakes! We made our classic chocolate cupcakes with chocolate fudge buttercream, and vanilla bean cupcakes with vanilla buttercream. Then we created some light blue scalloped shapes and topped them with some light brown gumpaste moustaches. We thought they were absolutely adorable and we hope the soon-to-be new mom thought so too :)

And last but certainly not least, we had the pleasure of creating an absolutely adorable cake for a little girl's first Communion. We started with our chocolate cake and filled it with a super yummy chocolate hazelnut buttercream. We then covered the cake in some classic white fondant and covered it with tiny white flowers and some candy pearls. We then created a gumpaste figurine to go on top, complete with a tiny rosary. We finished the cake off with an elegant banner and painted the letters in edible gold. We hope you liked it Alexandra! :)

We'll be taking a bit of break this upcoming weekend but look for another blog post shortly with some upcoming cupcakes and cake pops!

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Saturday, 13 April 2013


Our website is finally up and running!! So everyone stop what you're doing and click on over to and let us know what you think :). And stay tuned for a brand new blog post coming soon!

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Easter and a Fruit Basket!

Well, once again we're behind with our blog! We took a bit of break while we were undergoing some kitchen renovations, but we've been back at it for a couple of weeks and are excited to share our latest creations! :)

First up...a fruit basket! But not just any fruit basket of course. This one was made of a cake basket and hand formed fruits! We love detailed cakes because we can let our creativity go crazy, which is what we did creating all of the fun little pieces of fruit on this cake. The cake was a vanilla bean cake with lemon custard and fresh blueberry filling. It was covered in vanilla bean buttercream in the basket weave pattern. We were so happy with the finished product and hope the birthday girl was as well! :)

Next up...Easter!! We had orders for cupcakes and cookies over the holiday weekend. For the cupcakes, we went with three different flavours: carrot, vanilla and banana. Yummy and fresh, perfect for Easter dessert!

And finally, the cookies! We started with our tasty sugar cookie recipe and made all kinds of different Easter shapes. We love decorating cookies because no two ever turn out the same!

We hope everyone had a safe and happy Easter weekend!

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Friday, 18 January 2013

Black and White and Bling!

It was another cupcake wedding at Sugarbird last weekend! And this one was pure elegance and glamour :). The couple was going with a black and white theme, complete with glittery, sparkly rhinestone accents. So of course we had to make the cupcakes match as perfectly as possible :).

We started with the top of the cupcake tower, which was a small cake for the ceremonial cake cutting. The flavour choice for this was chocolate cake with peanut butter buttercream. A favourite for the groom! We went with a classic white fondant, and then stenciled on a black damask pattern out of icing. We used a black ribbon and some gorgeous rhinestones and finished it off with some black and white flowers on top. Very classy :)

Then it was on to the cupcakes! The couple chose three different flavours for their treats. First up was our famous banana cupcakes with a delicious fudgy chocolate buttercream. Next up was our classic red velvet and cream cheese, and last but certainly not least, our lemon cupcakes with lemon buttercream.

Then it was off to the reception to set up the display. We decided to add in some hand-made sugar calla lilies to match the brides bouquet. We also decided to decorate the cupcake stand with a matching black ribbon complete with rhinestone accents.  We LOVED how it tied the whole display together. We were thrilled with the finished product and hope the bride and groom were as well! :)
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Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Can You Tell Me How To Get To...

Sesame Street!! I think we've all grown up with this fabulous show, and in honour of a certain little two year old's birthday party, what better way to celebrate than with some familiar characters!

Charlotte LOVES Elmo so he was top on her list for her birthday party. We decided to bring in a few more fun and colourful characters as well! In fact, this order was all about fun and colour! We had so much fun playing around with the character's faces, making sure they were just right and recognizable as the characters we all love!

Because this was a cupcake order, we got to be extra creative since there were so many individual little cakes to play with. We started with regular size cupcakes and dressed these guys up as the main attractions, then added in some super colourful mini cupcakes for those that just wanted a quick bite :).

First up was of course, the star player...Elmo. We started with some big eyes, a happy fondant mouth and his big round orange nose. We covered the cupcakes in piped frosting and put them all together!
Next up was everybody's favourite garbage can dwelling grouch...Oscar! We went with a furry piping tip for him, added on the nose and mouth, and voila! He looks pretty happy for a grouch to us! :P
Then it was Big Bird's turn!! He was a bit more difficult than the others because of his marshmallow beak, but he turned out super cute and colourful and who wouldn't love an extra marshmallowy treat on top of their cupcake :)
And last but not least, one of the happiest monsters there is...Cookie Monster! We added on his googly eyes, some blue icing fur and of course, a cookie! He was a favourite and almost too cute to eat!
Finally we created the bright and fun mini cupcakes to go along with these silly creatures.
We packaged all of the cupcakes up for delivery, ready for Charlotte's Sesame Street themed birthday party. Happy Birthday Charlotte!! :)
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