Saturday, 18 January 2014

This Summer's Wedding Cakes!

Hello everyone! Yes, it's been a LONG time since our last post. We couldn't believe how busy we've been the past few months. The summer flew by and then all of a sudden it was Christmas! The good news is that we now have dozens of cakes, cookies and cupcakes to feature on our upcoming blog posts :).

To start things off, we decided to feature the wedding cakes that we worked on this past summer. We've included one we had already posted in early summer, but thought we should include it again here for those of you who may have missed it.

First up we have a elegant single-tiered wedding cake. The bride went with a vintage theme to her wedding, so the cake was designed to match, with a beautiful ruffled design and a single pink peony. We absolutely loved the simplicity and elegance of this lemon flavoured cake.

Next up was a super fun Margaritaville-themed cake! This cake was so much fun and PERFECT for a casual summer wedding taking place beside a lake. We loved the bright and crazy colours and we had a blast designing all of the little decorations to surround the water-coloured fondant. This cake was also lemon flavoured, which proved to be very popular for our weddings this summer!

We did several three-tiered wedding cakes this summer, the first one being this gorgeous blue ombre petal cake which we posted early in the summer. Just because we loved it so much, here it is again! :)

Next up was a tropical three-tiered cake, complete with handmade orchids which perfectly matched the wedding couple's orchid centrepieces.  We love the contrast of the bright pink and blues in the flowers to the minty green of the ribbon. And the silver pearls on each tier brought just a touch of sparkle to the already glowing cake :)

Finally, our last wedding cake was another three-tiered square cake. This cake was a simple and elegant cake, with the ultimate glamour saved for the cake topper: two handmade jewelled peacocks to match the sparkly ribbon surrounding each tier. We were thrilled with how the peacocks turned out and love the cascading tail draping down the back of the cake :)

We hope you enjoyed this summer's wedding cakes! We promise another blog post VERY shortly! We have tons of exciting designs to share with you so stay tuned! :)

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