Sunday, 16 February 2014

Retirements and Birthdays!

Happy Sunday everyone! Today's post features some of our recent retirement and birthday cakes. We LOVE doing these types of cakes as we're able to bring in elements of each person to truly personalize each cake. These cakes are a lot of work and take hours to complete all of the little handmade decorations but we absolutely love seeing the finished products and seeing and hearing reactions from our clients :).

The first cake up is a retirement cake for a lucky guy who just bought a new truck. We recreated the truck out of cake and filled it to the brim with items that he loves. From golf clubs to guitars, spaghetti to baseball, this cake is truly a reflection of all of his favourites! We even included a garbage can full of work related items he'll no longer need :P

Next up is a retirement cake for for an employee who plays bass guitar in a band. We created an almost life-size replica of his guitar in cake and included a passport and boarding pass to represent his upcoming travels. This was a HEAVY cake but we hope he was thrilled with the result! :)

Next we have a birthday cake for woman who just recently renovated her kitchen. We recreated her brand new kitchen island and covered it with some of her favourite things such as books, baking, curling equipment, and lots more!

Last cake up is a retirement/birthday cake for a lucky lady who is about to move to Cape Breton. For this cake, we created a replica of her brand new house, a nautical lighthouse, and the Cape Breton flag. Can we come visit Jo-anne??

We hope you enjoyed today's blog. Stay tuned for more cakes coming soon!

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